Our wedding work is well known throughout the entire Black HIlls, serving The Custer State Park Resorts to Spearfish Canyon, and everywhere in between. We strive to make every event unique to you and your guests. Not only do we pride ourselves on our event and gala work, we also pride ourselves on our everyday designs. Sustaining our education and creativity is key to our success, attending seminars and classes throughout the year. Jenny’s Floral provides its customers with an environment of beauty, tranquility, luxury, and comfort by providing innovative, practical, and top quality products.



Since 1987, Jenny’s Floral has served the Beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota by providing the very best in floral design and technique. From weddings to anniversary parties, to holiday home decorations, our talented design team is able to handle all your floral design needs. So free your mind’s eye. Don’t worry if you can’t put your idea into words; we can develop the merest suggestion into a coherent picture, so that your concept will become reality. Trends? We follow them; we create them; we challenge them - anything to set your request apart.



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